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    About Us
    Current Location: Hpme > Recruitment

    Other requirements: Gender: Unlimited

    Age: under 50

    Job description: product appearance repair, packaging.

    Salary: 6 days and 8 hours. Overtime pay is available. The salary range is 2500-4500. Working meals are provided and social insurance is provided.


    Other requirements: Gender: Male

    Work experience: no work experience required

    Education: no education requirements

    Age: under 45

    Job description: new employees without working experience need a learning period of 1-3 months. During the learning period, they need to assist the old employees to produce products. The specific work and learning time depend on personal ability. If they can operate independently and make qualified products, they can work independently.

    Working treatment: the salary during the study period is 2800-3500, 6 days a week, shift work is required, the company provides working meal, piece work wage is (3500-6000) and it is submitted to social insurance.


    Contact Information

    Xiamen Yesheng Electric Co., Ltd.

    Address: No.157 Siming Park, Tongan Industrial Concentration District, Xiamen
    Miss Chen:13859997738
    Manager Jiang:18106960993
    Manager Zhang:13696981893

    Xiamen Yesheng Electric Co., Ltd.